The Heath House, Staffordshire.

fleur-delys asked:
This blog is just precious. The pictures are so beautiful and such a delight to look at. ಥoಥ

Thank you so much. Glad people are enjoying it!

buttercuphappysnatch asked:
wow, I just love you for having this blog!

I love you for enjoying it!

daisy--gatsby-deactivated201304 asked:
this tumblr is PERFECT! I'm so in love!

Good to hear!

Polesen Lacey, Surrey. 

Don’t forget, you can click on the images as they appear in your dashboard to see a nice, bigger version. Especially with this one!

The Garden Cottage at Polesden Lacey, Surrey. Gorgeous. Stay tuned for the manor itself.

Loseley Park, Surrey. I love this kind of aerial shot. 

Kingston Lacy, Dorset. 

Ickworth House, Suffolk.

Ickworth house, Suffolk.